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The Quandry of Thought

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How can one justifiably tear everything down when there is nothing at the ready in its steadfast?

How can one throw everything away and try to replace it with something that has failed immeasurably at the most dire of costs? When can one present a rebuttal when they are hounded with nothing but shouts and baseless emotions of nonsensical chants? Why have we burned the ladder which reached upon the shoulders of giants of the past, as if we were crabs being brought to a slow boil pulling back down anyone that could rise above the circumstance? How prideful have we become? How foolish we view history

It is not the answers to these questions that should be at the forefront of thought, but by the very thought itself because the questions are merely rhetorical. Is not our blood the same red that stains whatsoever it touches upon this earth? Are our struggles different just based upon skin color or are struggles prevalent regardless of appearance? What happened to defining a person by their character and by the merit of their actions? Are we not pressed upon by bigger issues of our day than by the differences of complexion of a man's skin?

Why do we fawn over the callous boy who cried wolf countless times over and over and we fall victim each and every time? Bring forth tough love. One should go forth in discussions as a child eager for knowledge, open of ear and not as an expert rigid and shortsighted by his own creed and pride. Where are the bold, the beautiful, the true?

With patience and persistence, time will tell. Be humble, be meek but be loud, proud and full of truth for without the ladder there is no purpose for the former.

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